Pattern Finders

Workplace for Technology Engineers

Sunnyvale, CA

Biophilic by Design

Designed for highly focused technology engineers, this workplace leverages biophilic principles to enhance concentration and collaboration, and lower stress. A new skylit central stair promotes movement and visual connection between floors. Code- and nature-inspired patterns integrate in unexpected ways through light installations, graphics and materials, creating a strong connection to the greater campus.

Promoting Wellness and Performance

Work neighborhoods are organized around daylight and views, encouraging well-being. To promote focus, enclosed meeting rooms and offices are positioned to create an acoustical and visual buffer. Corridors leading to social and collaboration zones use patterned light to signal a shift from focused thought to a more energetic, social mood.

Sparking Collaboration, Uniting a Campus

The ground floor features large meeting rooms and a coffee shop to draw engineers from across the campus, increasing idea exchange and strengthening relationships. A meandering walking path stitches the three-building campus together, inviting outdoor team collaboration.

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