Jewel of the Harbor

Harley and Lela Franco Maritime Center

Seattle, WA

Superfund Site to Sustainable Workplace

Harley and Lela Franco’s goal was to create one of the healthiest, sustainable workplaces in the country that encourages employee communication and helps people and planet thrive. The design transforms a contaminated site into a welcoming campus and exemplary model for 21st Century working waterfronts.

Open Communication

A light-filled atrium serves as the building’s heart – drawing daylight and natural ventilation through all levels, promoting community and communications across departments, and advancing health. Sweeping views of Seattle and the Puget Sound reinforce mission and a sense of place.

Working and Natural Waterfronts

The site’s three buildings are linked by diverse outdoor environments that support maintenance and operations of the company’s barges and tugs, graciously accommodate diverse events, and renew natural shoreline functionality at the water’s edge. All stormwater is detained on site and cleaned using bio- and mechanical filtration before being released into the Duwamish waterway.

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