Active Living Hub


Bellevue, WA

Hub of Activity

This new apartment community creates a vibrant urban ‘hub’ for its occupants and neighborhood where none existed before. Centered on a dynamic, landscaped courtyard, the project’s three buildings act as amenity-rich ‘spokes’ for residents. The project also welcomes neighbors with active retail spaces and casual outdoor dining.

Social Network

With a pedestrian scale that puts people first, the project promotes social interaction and healthy living. A variety of unit types and sizes support resident diversity, while the courtyard, roof terrace, play space, bike club, café, fitness center, game room, and resident lounges foster interaction within the project.

Making Connections

Transforming 36 acres of light-industrial suburban land, the Spring District will be a sustainable mixed-use neighborhood centered on a future light rail station. This project will create sustainable, urban spaces within walking distance of new tech-oriented offices and regional train connections.

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