Shared Learning at the Forest Edge

Blakely Elementary School Replacement

Bainbridge Island, WA

Connecting Curriculum and Place

The school sits quietly on the wooded site with an exterior façade inspired by the Douglas Firs that surround it. Views from classrooms and the library toward the learning courtyard and forest beyond reinforce connection to nature throughout the learning experience and celebrate the rural Bainbridge setting.

New Angle on Shared Learning

Innovative L-shaped clusters group four classrooms around a shared learning space with views to an outdoor classroom. The arrangement provides teachers with clear sight lines to diverse learning environments that flexibly support individual, small group and large group activities.

Exploring the Natural World

The learning courtyard features small classrooms and larger, more rustic gathering spaces that immerse students in nature and quiet study. Outdoor play areas are designed to encourage exploratory play with heavy use of natural materials and forms. Significant open area, formerly lawn, is restored to a native forest condition with on-site stormwater management.

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