Connecting Education with Ecology

Teton Science Schools Jackson Campus

Jackson Hole, WY

Shaped by Site Forces

This new campus fuses the K-12 Journeys School with an immersive residential environmental education program. Inspired by the underlying geology of the site, the buildings’ sloping roof forms optimize daylight, natural ventilation and views of adjacent native habitats. 

Identity and Connection

Staggered building masses are positioned to gently navigate the dramatic site topography and accommodate elk and mule deer migration patterns.  Adaptable L-shaped classrooms offer teachers the choice of multiple configurations to support varied teaching styles and group sizes. Every classroom has direct access to outdoor learning and play spaces to support the school’s place-based curriculum.

Buildings that Teach

The design reflects Teton Science Schools’ stewardship values with superinsulated buildings, district energy and sustainable finishes that enhance building performance and promote occupant health and comfort. With visible sustainable solutions woven throughout, the campus advances ecological health and educational opportunity in this inspiring natural setting.

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