Hands-on Sustainable Learning


Bainbridge Island, WA

Serving Kids and Site

From the first day of design, this simple premise guided a highly integrated design process to create a magical experience for students, and a deep green project to serve as an international model for sustainable development. Buildings are oriented along solar meadows to allow for passive and active solar from the south, and immersive views into the forest on the north.

Inspiring Students of All Ages

Committed to providing a residential experience for inner city youth, IslandWood serves over 4,000 4th-6th grade students annually. The campus also houses a University of Washington accredited residential graduate program, and leadership retreats for non-profit and corporate groups.

A Green Pioneer

As one of the first LEED Gold certified projects in the world, IslandWood serves as an inspiration for designers, developers, and educators. Key features include constructed wetlands, composting toilets, a Living Machine, and site-harvested lumber in all buildings.

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