21st Century Workforce Training

Clover Park Technical College Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Lakewood, WA

Campus Gateway and Magnet

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology (CAMT) co-locates manufacturing-related programs and workforce development activities into a signature, state-of-the-art facility to serve as a magnet for students, teachers and industry partners. Located at the main entry to campus, CAMT is a gateway to the college and applied technology education.

Career Pathways on Display

The building puts programs on display, promotes a sense of professionalism, and encourages connectivity and life-long learning. Classrooms and labs are designed to adapt to evolving programmatic and pedagogical needs. A focal point of the building is the “5th Lab,” a central atrium and multi-purpose space for group projects, demonstrations, displays and industry events.

Surpassing Expectations

The compact footprint maximizes space efficiency, providing a 15% increase in square footage beyond program requirements. Effective design-build planning enabled early project completion, and the team’s Target Value Design approach ensured the delivery of maximum value, within budget.

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