Opening Doors, Changing Lives

Goodwill Job Training and Education Center

Seattle, WA

Building the Future

This new building brings visibility to Goodwill’s mission critical programs at the gateway to their working ‘donations and retail’ campus. Two projecting ‘street-rooms’ connect the building with the public realm. One is a collaboration balcony axially aligned with Mt. Rainier, and the other is a wood-lined and welcoming lobby that strengthens linkage back to the heart of the Goodwill campus. 

Collaborative Campus

This facility marks Goodwill’s transition from scattered and obsolete facilities to a consolidated campus with enhanced departmental collaboration, reduced costs and enhanced visibility within the community. An inviting central stair near the entry, low-emitting materials and daylight-infused work spaces support occupant health. 

Sustainable Placemaking

A carefully preserved, rare Bartram Oak at the building entry serves as a verdant focal point from multiple vantages, inside and out. Stormwater is collected, recycled for toilet flushing, and dispersed into a streetscape rain garden. 

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