Integrated Learning Hub

Everett Community College Cascade Learning Resource Center

Everett, WA

New Campus Quadrangle

The Cascade Learning Resource Center anchors Everett Community College’s campus expansion across Broadway with a dynamic mix of programs and services to serve its diverse student body. The signature building works with the neighboring WSU Everett Center to define a new quadrangle and set a pattern for future development.

A Spectrum of Active, Gathering and Quiet Spaces

The new building is a magnet for students. A central stair rises through an atrium that connects the building’s programs, from active uses at the ground level to group study and media commons on the second floor, and terminating with quieter individual study and reading rooms at the library. Spaces are organized to facilitate wayfinding and promote peer-to-peer engagement.

Biophilic Design and Efficient Systems

Floor-to-ceiling glazing brings daylight deep into learning spaces, and connects students with views out to the quad, the city and west campus. Natural stormwater management and a high-performance mechanical system support campus sustainability and operational goals.

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