Plazas Flourish at Streetcar Stops

First Hill Streetcar

Seattle, WA

Highlighting Neighborhoods

The streetcar stops and a series of three plaza spaces are designed to be quiet, neutral infrastructure – allowing the surrounding neighborhoods to shine. Passing through historic and cultural districts, and Seattle’s most densely populated neighborhood, Capitol Hill, the stops include public art by Claudia Fitch.

Immersing People in Place

Each plaza responds to existing conditions. At Marion/Broadway, the plaza edge of baffled raingardens links major institutions and provides seating at an intimate scale. A plaza overlook at Terrace/Broadway is heightened in contrast with a sloping street and offers panoramic views to Mount Rainier. At Yesler/Broadway, a mixing zone for pedestrians, streetcars and bikers reduces emphasis on cars and provides flexibility for future redevelopment.

Designed for Durability

These are intensely used public spaces requiring durable materials with low maintenance. Simplicity and careful attention to functional needs was integral to creating great places for people to enjoy the city.

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