Pioneering Public Realm

Taylor 28

Seattle, WA

Creating People-friendly Streets

As the first residential, mixed-use apartment building in the Denny Triangle neighborhood, Taylor 28 presented an opportunity to set the urban design standard for five blocks. The transformational design reorganizes the street right-of-way and creates a linear urban plaza for people to enjoy, introducing a vibrant human dimension in a previously desolate area with an underutilized street.

Groundbreaking Strategies

A holistic approach to rainwater harvesting allows water from the private roof to be used for irrigation in the public right-of-way. City approval of a hybrid cistern means the number of residents can increase but the potable water use remains the same over time. 

First of Five Blocks

These changes have been approved for application down Taylor Avenue to ensure a complete transformation of the street. Raised crosswalks will connect streets and plazas in this growing, pedestrian focused neighborhood.

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