A Healthy Living Community

Mariposa – South Lincoln Redevelopment Master Plan

Denver, CO

Vibrant City Living

Through evidence-based design and a district-wide healthy living strategy, this master plan creates inspiring, healthy places for people: increasing both mixed-use density and community-oriented outdoor living spaces, playgrounds and gardens. The 10th Avenue design reconnects to the Art District on Santa Fe, with easy access to light rail and bike-sharing, and a central plaza showcasing retail, art, farmers markets and celebrations.

Sense of Belonging

The master plan addresses physical hardware and human ‘software’ to ensure exceptional sustainability performance and protect residents’ wellbeing. Growing out of this plan, the Mariposa Healthy Living Initiative is a campaign and action plan that coordinates design, development and partnerships toward health equity. Residents describe a sense of belonging, safe and nurturing environment, and focus on youth and families. Post-occupancy surveys show a dramatic 30% drop in crime rate and improved social cohesion.

Bridging Gaps

The redevelopment transforms severely distressed public housing with higher-than-average rates of heart disease into a socially and economically vibrant community of choice. Mariposa demonstrates the power of design to bridge socio-economic and health gaps, and rebuild a vibrant community.

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