Placemaking in Portland


Portland, OR

Partners in Development

Mithun is designing the full block of a one-and-a-half block joint development originally known as Press Blocks. The full block includes a highrise apartment building, a plaza building with creative office and retail, and a new public plaza with a landscaped mid-block connector. This collaborative effort continues the architectural diversity of the Goose Hollow neighborhood.

Neighborhood Inspired

Each building design is inspired by the site’s newspaper publishing history. A “press and paper” metaphor drives the expression of the buildings and open spaces. Building materials—brick, stucco, cement and steel—and punched window openings recall those used throughout Goose Hollow.

Interweaving Community

Located at a light rail stop, Press Blocks conveniently connects residents and workers to downtown Portland and the region. Retail spaces foster an active culture along adjacent streets, and the new mid-block connector offers pedestrian entry to live/work spaces. A south-facing plaza provides an inviting neighborhood gathering place, while rooftop amenity spaces take advantage of skyline views.

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