Pioneering Retail Experience

REI Seattle Flagship Store

Seattle, WA

Immersive Experience

Mithun assisted REI with the transition from its grassroots co-op beginnings to a world class retail experience. The building and landscape were crafted around the idea of an immersive user experience that challenged conventional approaches to retail design, and has catalyzed an urban revitalization in Seattle’s urban fabric. 

Identity and Adventure

The building design honors REI’s humble roots through expressed northwest utilitarian materials and pioneering sustainability strategies, including daylight and stormwater harvesting. The store challenges and invites patrons with features including the freestanding indoor climbing pinnacle, and hiking and biking trails around the site.

Iconic Northwest Design

This store is a beloved destination for tourists as well as residents. It continues to be a timeless anchor in a rapidly evolving neighborhood – a place to shop, eat, learn or just hang out. A Seattle architectural icon, it quietly reinforces the regional cultural ethic of connecting people to nature.

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