Brand Experience

Large Technology Company Retail Store

Silicon Valley, CA

A Show of Pride

As the first retail space for this global technology company on their Silicon Valley campus, this store attracts employees and visitors from all over the world. The design embodies corporate pride and culture, leaving a lasting impression that guests carry with them along with their new branded gear.

Sharing Stories, Weaving Connections

A sculptural cocoon features hand-woven CAT-5 cables – including repurposed material from campus projects – that radiate over a custom steel frame. Inside the cocoon an interactive digital recording booth encourages visitors to share memories and watch others’ messages, reinforcing connection with other employees and the campus experience.

Form and Function

The design transforms underutilized space into a destination retail environment through creative details and branded touches. With more than 90 different t-shirts and a variety of merchandise on display, the store features modular merchandising fixtures that provide flexibility, efficient function and easy maintenance.

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