Layers of Home

South Lake Union Block 25

Seattle, WA

At Home in the City

Nestled within South Lake Union, this workplace for technology engineers evokes a home-like vibe while telling unique Seattle stories. High-focus workspaces of warm soothing materiality take advantage of city and lake views, while social collaboration spaces at the core are designed with bold, dynamic patterns and textures to spark innovation.

Activate and Regenerate

Stairs interconnecting floors, combined with alternating locations of micro kitchens, facilitate chance encounters and activity among teams. Strategically located quiet areas ranging from nap to massage and mothers’ rooms provide cozy and safe spaces to recharge during the day.

Embedded Narratives

A sophisticated interpretation of the company’s brand and distinct logo colors are incorporated in subtle ways to support wayfinding. Themed work lounges and interactive display niches on every level tell uniquely Seattle stories, while surprise “Easter Egg” moments hidden in the details of spaces await discovery. Shared patios, a teaching kitchen and art installations provide opportunities for community engagement, both internally and beyond.

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