Sustainable Urban Redevelopment

State Center

Baltimore, MD

Transit-Oriented Revitalization

This 1.5 billion dollar urban revitalization project in midtown Baltimore is structured as a public-private partnership to finance the development of a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood around transit. Two innovative Mithun-designed State office buildings anchor the development to catalyze equitable and sustainable neighborhood transformation.

Community Engagement

Shared prosperity, diversity, inclusion and transparency are embedded in the development team’s design and planning vision. Close engagement with state, city and local partners including the Neighborhood Alliance has cultivated creative concepts and strong support for authentic placemaking, sustainability and economic development goals.

Neighborhood Repair

Mixed-use redevelopment of the site – currently a single use government campus with decaying buildings and unsafe streets – revitalizes this urban neighborhood and restores community connectivity with private office, mixed-income housing and retail. Sustainable systems include district energy and green infrastructure with integrated green streets, rain gardens, vegetated roofs and cisterns to protect water quality and enable reuse.

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