New Future for Green Water

Project Green

Austin, TX

Restoring Balance

This master plan transforms the decommissioned Green Water Treatment Plant into a dynamic, transit-oriented and diverse neighborhood covering five city blocks. The ambitious development includes a harmonious mix of uses and reconnects pedestrian, transit and bike routes with public spaces to support a 24/7 community.

Nexus of History and Future

At the convergence of Shoal Creek and the Second Street District, a series of flexible outdoor spaces feature the creek. Office, retail and hotel are combined with new music venues and affordable and senior housing to build on Austin’s history while serving future generations.

Water and Carbon Neutrality

The design reflects the site’s utilitarian history of delivering a higher quality environment. With a unique location in the watershed, the concept includes a greywater treatment system, vegetated roofs and water reuse to eliminate potable water use. Passive building design and renewable energy maximize potential for carbon neutrality.

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