Creating a Carbon Neutral Campus

The Ohio State University Sustainability Plan

Columbus, OH

Sustainable Analyses and Recommendations

The Ohio State University (OSU) Sustainability Plan identifies synergistic solutions and design standards to create a more sustainable campus consistent with the university’s mission and carbon neutrality goals. The plan analyzes and provides integrated recommendations regarding water consumption, energy and greenhouse emissions, ecological function of campus landscapes, and strategies to reduce impacts from purchasing decisions, food systems and waste flows.

Integrated Campus Planning

One of the greatest challenges for universities is understanding what activities already take place and coordinating efforts campus-wide. The Sustainability Plan builds upon concepts established by OSU’s physical Framework Plan (by Sasaki Associates), and Energy and Infrastructure Plan (by AEI). Additionally, our team produced OSU’s Climate Action Plan to comply with requirements of the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment, and unite broader planning efforts into a coordinated plan of action.

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