Child-centered Learning Landscape

UW Children's Center at Portage Bay

Seattle, WA

Transformative Spaces

A thoughtful renovation within an existing University parking garage, this early learning center is designed as a sustainable, connected and playful environment for infants and children up to age five. Newly landscaped outdoor areas transform a vacated space between parking garages into a learning community and recreation area.

Views Between Rooms

Child-sized windows at floor level are scaled to invite children to explore and create visual connections with other age groups and learning spaces. Larger windows between rooms create transparency, internal relationships and a sense of community between classes and teachers.

Landscapes and Light

A new outdoor play area designed with optimal southern solar exposure provides defined zones with tactile elements tailored for different age groups. Low-emitting materials, daylighting and views to Portage Bay reinforce indoor-outdoor connections and support human health.

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