Habitat for Hands-on Learning


Seattle, WA

Learning Through Play

Nestled in the native northwest biome within Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ), Zoomazium creates a new paradigm for interactive exhibit space that is flexible, adaptable and sustainable. Fulfilling the need for an all-season children’s play area, Zoomazium is a place for WPZ’s 1.2 million annual visitors to connect with the natural world –forging lifelong commitments to animals, our shared habitat and the planet.

Forest Meadow, Elevated

Shaped by its surroundings, Zoomazium’s curved green roof is an extension of the surrounding forest environment, lifted into the sky. It creates habitat, and captures and filters rainwater with more than 22,000 native plants. The facility takes advantage of adjacent mature trees for shading, lessening heat gain from the afternoon sun. Mixed-mode ventilation and daylighting strategies ensure comfort and balanced lighting on the cloudiest of winter days. Fritted glass helps prevent bird strikes, further supporting the notion of a building as habitat.

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