Housing Homeless in Victorian San Francisco

Zygmunt Arendt House

San Francisco, CA

Transformative Housing

This project is a stunning example of the therapeutic power of small communities of supportive housing integrated into the heart of the city. For 47 once-desperate tenants, this is literally a new life.

Delicate Insertion

Inserting supportive housing for formerly homeless seniors in a vigilantly protected San Francisco Victorian neighborhood required the utmost in architectural tact. Zygmunt Arendt House does not look like institutional housing for the very poor. Nor does it appear to be five times larger and a century younger than neighboring structures. Elevator served stacked-flats appear to step with the slope like adjacent row houses, and thoughtful details complete the contextual fit.

Healthy Lifestyles

Community spaces and supportive services offices surround a sunny mid-block garden, encouraging elderly residents to participate in the communal life of the complex. Sustainable strategies support health and resource conservation, including renewable energy, non-toxic materials and finishes, and green stormwater strategies.

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