Centering Equity, Reconciliation and Community in Coastal Adaptation

Coastal adaptation can have far-reaching benefits for communities, prompting critical evaluation of design and planning processes, and leading to important shifts in the systems that shape the built environment.



Climate Approaches: Heat Resilience

Extreme heat, whether in the form of rising long-term average temperatures or punctuated by heat waves, is a global health threat. Learn how Mithun’s designers are addressing climate and health impacts of rising heat through innovative design strategies, R+D and real-world project applications.



Innovation Hall Breaks New Ground in Partnerships and Processes

Mithun and Lease Crutcher Lewis leveraged progressive design-build delivery to create a new STEM facility for Cascadia College and the University of Washington Bothell that brings people together around shared mission, goals and objectives.



Highlights from the AIA Conference on Architecture

It was fantastic to celebrate with friends, colleagues and collaborators at the AIA Conference on Architecture in San Francisco this month!



Sea2City: Decolonizing Design Practice

Key to the Mithun+One team approach to the Sea2City Design Challenge is the integration of First Nations knowledge and values through a process centering decolonization. This ideas post focuses on our process and reflections, and is the first in a series about the collaborative effort to create a vision and pilot projects for coastal adaptation at Vancouver’s False Creek.



An Exemplary Model for Sustainable Schools

The Bush School’s new net-zero energy Upper School is the first Passive House certified school in the state and the first Salmon Safe certified school in the nation.



Team Anywhere: Atlassian Explores New Ways of Working in the Hybrid World

In the wake of the pandemic, Atlassian is embracing what could be the new norm, the office as a cultural hub. Committed to a hybrid work model and with a work force across the globe, the company prioritized social connection in their new workspace.



Advancing Positive Change through Pro Bono Design

As part of our commitment to support social equity, Mithun provides pro-bono design services to underserved communities by partnering with local grassroots organizations. Learn about recent projects.



How Growth Can Benefit Community: Kirkland’s Groundbreaking Station Area Plan for NE 85th

The City of Kirkland’s new NE 85th Street Station Area Plan addresses one of the biggest issues facing cities throughout the region: how to encourage growth that provides housing, jobs and community amenities while celebrating and supporting the people and the places that are there today.



Mass Timber Schools: Wellness in Wood

Humans have an innate need to connect with the natural world. At the same time, emerging mass timber technology has the capacity to help reduce and achieve net-negative embodied carbon. Finding a way to optimize mass timber technology that affords a cost-competitive biophilic approach to build better schools is the missing link.