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The Heartwood and the Seedling: Portland’s Pearl District Grows More Public Realm

Heartline’s landscape sets the project apart and ties it into the neighborhood as a whole.

Posted: 09.13.2019


Did you know that women make up 46% of Mithun’s leadership team and the majority of our firm overall? We gathered to celebrate International Women’s Day in our offices Friday with toasts to women in design and those making an impact around the world.

Posted: 03.10.2020


Listening to Children: Getting Started on a Visitor Experience Master Plan

MAAM Building Museums 2020

Chicago, IL



Mithun at the 2020 Building Museums Conference

Join us at Building Museums to learn about museum planning at Louisiana Children’s Museum, celebrate National Nordic Museum at the Buildy Award luncheon and connect at the Expo Hall.



Happy Leap Day! We celebrate every four years with a special Friday happy hour and the ceremonial opening of Mithun time capsules in each office. The tradition started in 2012, and we’ll continue to look back and add new artifacts with each leap year. What are your predictions for 2024?

Posted: 03.01.2020


Student Centered. The University Prep Commons Renovation transforms a dark, internal cafeteria into a light-filled commons for learning and community. Animated by student energy and centrally located along a main circulation spine, the welcoming space features flexible seating and collaboration surfaces to nimbly support diverse activities over the day. Photo: @k7scott

Posted: 02.29.2020