Rejuvenating Public Place

999 Third Avenue Plazas

Seattle, WA

Coherence and Transparency

The original plazas constructed in 1981 were a clash of angular and circular geometries, suburban-like retail arcades, concealed spaces and monumental planters with thick vegetation. The new design enhances the interconnectivity, variety and richness of the plaza environment by introducing simplified geometries, active retail frontage, a grand cascading stair with new planters and seating, transparent spaces and integrated artwork.

Socialize and Refresh

With its prime downtown location, the new plazas are a vibrant amenity place for the thousands of people who work in the office tower and vicinity. The refreshed plaza extends a welcome invitation to traverse the terraces, have lunch, attend events, socialize, people watch and relax outdoors.

Welcome and Reconnect

One of downtown Seattle’s largest privately owned public spaces, the reimagined 999 plazas continue to serve as a sunlit and fresh air oasis among the financial district towers—connecting people to one another, the cityscape and Puget Sound beyond.

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