Berkeley’s Center for Sustainability

The David Brower Center

Berkeley, CA

Vibrant Environmental Center

David Brower Center is a showcase for sustainable building practice and urban repair. It is a congenial home for leading environmental organizations, a powerful symbolic presence for the environmental movement, and a coherent edge to downtown Berkeley.

Showcase for Sustainable Practice

The Center’s architecture is expressive of environmental strategies: daylighting, low-energy heating and cooling, power generation and a resilient structure which ensures that the building will survive a major earthquake. The award-winning design is a vivid demonstration of the aesthetic potential of green building.

Connecting City and Campus

It is part of a mixed-use complex with Oxford Plaza – with low income housing, commercial space and a city parking garage – that embodies the linkage between urban repair, social equity and sustainability. The complex repairs the frayed interface of downtown Berkeley and the University of California campus, anchoring the revival of downtown.

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