Sustainable Catalyst

Puyallup City Hall Block

Puyallup, WA

Public/Private Partnership

This project initiates Puyallup’s transformation from a small agricultural community into a vibrant town center. Achieved through public/private partnership, the mixed-use development aims to catalyze renewal of the city’s urban core, create a focal point for future development and capitalize on a new commuter line and station.

For the People

The new City Hall consolidates remotely located departments to improve communication, while providing energy-efficient facilities for municipal agencies and the public. A civic plaza welcomes pedestrians and serves as a gateway to historic Pioneer Park, a new public garden courtyard and streetscape, and the adjacent neighborhood.

Sustainable Site and Building

The design incorporates systems for water catchment and reuse, green roof and green space development – demonstrating best practices for sustainable stormwater infrastructure to residents of this flood prone city. The building incorporates natural ventilation with operable windows, daylighting with monitoring and controls, and under-floor air ventilation systems.

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