Connecting People to their Watershed

High Point Parks

Seattle, WA

A Healthy Watershed

The High Point neighborhood is 10% of the Longfellow Creek watershed, one of five salmon bearing creeks in Seattle. Its three parks highlight people co-existing with a healthy watershed.

Intimate Connections, Broad Perspective

Bataan Park enjoys direct connection to the Creek. The park path, planting and surfaces highlight healthy watershed conditions shared by salmon and people – shade, native plants, large woody debris and gravelly surfaces. At West Seattle’s highest point, North Park features panoramic views across the Duwamish River valley to downtown, allowing people to see themselves in the larger picture. 

Green Stormwater Benefits All

Stormwater Pond Park is part of a neighborhood-wide green stormwater infrastructure system that “created land.” By treating water in bioswales along streets, the stormwater pond size was reduced by four acres to yield 72 additional housing sites. The system’s cost/benefit also reduced utility rates by 20%, increasing residents’ financial stability.

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