Cut Away

Summit Slope Park

Seattle, WA

Slicing Into the Soil

The design celebrates the bounty that comes from healthy soil, highlighting cuts in the sloped site. Pedestrians traversing the park pass through a series of community gardens and flexible lawn areas. 

Diverse Community

The park is popular with a wide range of people – picknickers, skateboarders, gardeners, the homeless and residents of nearby apartment buildings – representing the diversity present in Seattle’s most densely populated neighborhood. A communal table encourages people to gather, sharing food and conversation.

Exemplary Public Spaces

The Seattle Design Commission recognized Summit Slope Park as a project that emulates the principles they look for in public spaces, noting: “The park is a clear example of how simple design and detailing can become a backdrop to the neighborhood, enhance our experience of the city and create a well-used and loved space for the community.”

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