Everyone's Backyard

Seven Hills Park

Seattle, WA

An Open Canvas

This project transforms an existing parking lot into a community gathering place in one of Seattle’s most populated and diverse neighborhoods. The design creates a flexible park that is open at the edges – extending the space by incorporating adjacent sidewalks, alley and former church façade.

Minimal Program Expands Use

Through multiple community meetings, neighbors reached consensus that a simple lawn, wide sidewalks and a row of barbecues alongside a community garden would provide the most options for neighbors to play and relax in their own ways. The resulting park is used intensely by seniors, social service users, young adults and families alike. 

A Grounding Place

The community garden is a new model for Seattle’s P-Patch program; volunteers plan, plant, maintain and harvest the garden as a group. A grouping of boulders highlights Capitol Hill’s role as one of the seven hills of Seattle.

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