Collaboration Hub

Mithun Office on Market Street

San Francisco, CA

Urban Nexus

Mithun’s workspace at 660 Market is at the core of San Francisco’s urban fabric, surrounded by BART, streetcar and transit lines. The space is a flexible and inspiring environment for Mithun’s integrated design team with shared workspaces, ample daylight, and views and connection to the surrounding city.

Flexible Collaboration

The open and adaptable layout supports both large and small project teams focused on all scales of design, with diverse meeting and charrette spaces. A large-screen videoconference platform supports communication and shared knowledge between the firm’s offices, reinforcing unity across the organization. It’s also great for shared meals and office parties!

Incubator for Innovation

The nimble space is designed to host a wide range of community events and workshops, bringing together global thinkers and innovators to advance the built environment and achieve positive change.

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