Building Resilience

Watershed Headquarters

North Bend, WA

A Culture of Collaboration

The Watershed Headquarters supports the work of Seattle Public Utilities to protect the ecological health of the region’s water supply. The building consolidates operations, natural resources, protection and cultural resources staff into a space that embraces the natural environment, and promotes workforce collaboration and efficiencies.

Engaging with Historic Context

The headquarters design engages with existing buildings and contributing resources within the surrounding historic district. The headquarters is sited to reinforce street circulation, while the form, materials and color present a contrast and complement to the elegant utility of adjacent historic buildings.

Resilient and Sustainable Operations

The remoteness and harsh winter conditions of the Cedar River Watershed presents an increased need for resilient operations and limited dependence on the power grid. Energy-efficient building envelope and systems, and future roof-mounted PV panels contribute to net-zero energy performance.

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