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1180 Fourth Street Wins AIA Housing Award

The American Institute of Architects names 1180 Fourth Street among top ten housing designs of 2016.

Posted: 04.08.2016


The Power of Inclusion: Universal Design in Landscape

Northwest Universal Design Council Presentation

Seattle, WA



200 Occidental Honored for Sustainable Leadership

The 200 Occidental building receives the highest honor at Seattle 2030 District’s Fifth Anniversary Vision Awards.  



Mithun recently hosted educators from around the country at Pier 56 for a boot camp led by Leadership + Design, a collaborative of educators, strategists, and experience designers committed to transforming the work of school leaders through intentionally designed experiences. Part of the boot camp was a brain-storming exercise led by @synapsepd. We entered this week with new inspiration from our time spent with progressive thinkers in the realms of design, creativity, and supportive workplaces for healthy collaboration.

Posted: 10.21.2016


The National Park Service and Design Innovation

ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo

New Orleans, LA